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Faculty Research Interests

All of the faculty involved in the TECP are also active in physics research. If you are interested in pursuing a research project with one of the faculty members, send an email and ask how to become involved!

M.K. Balasubramanya
Quantum Mechanical Theory
Paul Cox
String Theory
Symmetry and Supersymmetry
Paul Fisher
Radio Astronomy
Galactic Dynamics
Variable Stars
Lionel Hewett
Teaching methods in Physics
Solar Energy
General Relativity & Cosmology
Wayne Kinnison
Higher Energy Physics
Computer Simulations for HEP Detectors
Nuclear Safeguards
Paul Lawrence
General Relativity & Cosmology
Physics Education
Daniel Marble
Nuclear Instruments & Methods
Ion-Atom Collisions
Qingwen Ni
Condensed Matter Physics
Applications of NMR and ESR
Daniel Suson
High Energy Astrophysics
Computer Simulations of High Energy Particle Detectors
General Relativity & Cosmology
Quantum Field Theory
Teaching Physics at a Distance
Large Program Opportunities with Regional Focus
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